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noun [ C usually singular, + sing/pl verb ]

A group of experts brought together to develop ideas related to design and to make suggestions for action.

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The best homes have something to say about the people who live in them.

David Nightingale HicksInterior decorator

Sometimes you just need a little guidance to master the design of your space.

Here at IDThinkTank, we work to make you enjoy your living spaces by teaching you how to do the right selection for your home and create a mood that fits your lifestyle.

You will get insights into the world of interior design so that you can be a partner in designing your space and create a home that truly reflects your identity.

Colors & Mood Boards

Do you ever notice how color can change your mood?

There are clear relationships between colors and emotions, known as color psychology. Understanding the relationship between color and mood can help you strategically select hues for your interior to create a pleasant environment independent of what is outside your walls.

Discover Your Style

Because fashion is a trend, style is forever!

Different styles mean different things to different people! Learn about interior design styles and chose what suits your taste and lifestyle.
By learning how to choose a design style that matches your personality, you can decorate your home with confidence, knowing exactly what will look great and make you happy!

Designer For a Day

Creative solutions proposed by you and guided by a designer.
This in-person consultation, packed with design advice, is perfect for anyone who needs assistance in designing a space but who would like do to do the execution himself.
We will help you create a layout plan and design board as well as a categorized shopping list and a plan for action.

House Call Consultation

This consultation is intended for people wanting to do their own design, but need the help of an expert to decide the next steps or get past a tricky design situation.
During this in-home consultation, we will steer you in the right direction to make your space a pleasant environment.

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Discover the secret design recipes of famous interior designers!

There are a few pitfalls which you should take into account when designing your space.
ID Think Tank will provide you with tips and advice to avoid wasting time and money on things that end up feeling wrong.

Suha Atiyeh

Meet the designer behind ID Think Tank

Suha Atiyeh, architect, trainer and consultant
for more than 20 years, designed, supervised
and executed several private and public

Mrs. Atiyeh initiated and coordinate the
curriculum of the interior design diploma
program at the American University of Beirut,
Continuing Education Center, where she
teaches various design courses. She organizes
workshops, corporate training and pop-up
events related to interior design.

Her teaching methodology mixes between
theory and practice, bridging the gap between
schools and universities. She helps both youth
and adults realize their potentials, improve
their skills and unleash their creativity in design.

Workshop Schedule

Starting Date
Space Makeover
4 Sessions | 3h each
Components of interior design
4 sessions | 2h each
Design to make
8 sessions | 3h each
The young designer
5 sessions | 3h each
Discover Architecture
4 sessions | 3h each
Discover Interior Design
4 sessions | 3h each

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